Saturday, June 09, 2012

Midnight Quilts

Black is the new neutral

That's what Lerlene Nevaril claims in her new book, Midnight Quilts: 11 Sparkling Projects to Light Up the Night, and she may be right because these quilts are gorgeous. I'm the hugest fan of white muslin backgrounds, but this book has inspired me to stretch my wings a bit.

None of the quilts looks particularly difficult -- the real razzle dazzle comes from the color choices. There are eleven patterns, along with a gallery of projects that provide even more inspiration. (And my one complaint about the book is that the quilt I most loved, which is pictured on the copyright page came from the gallery section and isn't one of the projects included.)

C&T Publishing provided me with a PDF review copy of this book.


Needled Mom said...

It really looks like a great book. Sorry the one you liked wasn't in there.

Allie said...

I've made one small quilt with black - loved the effect but boy was it hard to quilt, lol! Looks like a good book, I'm sorry the one you liked wasn't in there.

Mary said...

I actually bought three yards of black to try. Haven't jumped in yet, though!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book.

Jo said...

That would twerk me if the cover quilt wasn't in the book!!


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