Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how many eggs to mix up for the french toast

The kiddos really like french toast and pancakes. Or it might just be that they like anything they can eat with syrup.

I'd rather make french toast than pancakes because it seems like I have more luck with it. It's easier to make extra when suddenly a kid who usually eats two pieces is hungry enough for six. Instead of getting the box of pancake mix back out and starting over from scratch, I just crack a few more eggs into the bowl and add a splash more milk.

One thing I've started to do is to leave the cinnamon and nutmeg out of the egg mixture and sprinkle them onto the individual pieces while they're cooking. That way they all get some of the yummy spices and when the kids are stuffed, I can make myself a couple of pieces and scramble whatever eggs are left in the bowl. It might not be a full serving, but it's better than tossing the extra.

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Denise :) said...

Todd and I both love French toast and have it on a regular basis. Only I don't like syrup on mine. Just butter. I'm weird. :)

Simply Heidi said...

That's a good idea to keep from wasting the eggs. I buy mine fresh from a farm and I hate to throw any out. Thanks for the tip.

vtquilter said...

Great idea on the french toast. I have a baked version that heats up well for the next day's breakfast. Easier for me to bake it then cook on the stove top with two toddlers underfoot. Hmmm. Now I want french toast!

vtquilter said...
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