Wednesday, January 11, 2012

every single day

That's the plan for 2012. At least fifteen minutes of piecing a day, every single day.

Set a timer and try it. You might be surprised how much piecing you can get done in fifteen minutes. This time it was five sets of six green strips to make blocks for the Trip Around the World quilt. The last time I worked on that quilt, it felt like it took take forever to sew those long strips together. (I think that's why I stopped working on it.) Three more sessions with the timer and I'll have those blocks sewn together and ready to cut up and sew back together.

Fifteen minutes a day of piecing, added to my regular quilting time, and I should be able to get a lot done. I know there will be some days when I just can't pull it off, but it's just fifteen minutes. I can find that time somewhere in my day.

One of the best pieces of quilting advice I read last year said one way to keep your sewing space organized was to use it. The times I've tried it, it really worked. If I'm using my machine, it isn't buried under a bunch of other stuff. If I'm working on a project, I know where the pieces are and what I need to do next. It's when I put things away for a while that I start to get into trouble.

Maybe if I can get up to do things the sewing room more often it'll help with that, too.

It seems like everyone is talking about free motion quilting right now. SewCalGal has her free motion quilting challenge. A Few Scraps is giving away a copy of Modern Quilting Designs. There's Focus on Free Motion Quilting at Sew Inspired. And don't forget The Free Motion Quilting Project.

I love free motion quilting, but I mostly stick to meandering. I can do spirals, if I remember they're an option. But there are so many gorgeous free motion options out there. I want to learn feathers. And hearts. And Baptist Fans...

And there's no excuse not to. I've figured out my tension issues. My knee is cooperating. I've got a bolt of batting.

My biggest obstacle now is that's it's easier to do what's familiar, what I know I can do decently. I've got to force myself to slow down and tackle something new, even if that means it's going to take longer to finish projects.

Trying a new design meant that I finished one baby quilt instead of the two or three I might've done if I did my usual free motion.

It's a pattern I found in one of my old quilting magazines. I'm not sure if I want to give this one another try or not.

This post is linked to Focus on Free Motion Quilting and WIP Wednesday And don't forget to check out my new pattern, 30s Barn Raising and enter to win a Moda Jelly Roll and the background fabric to make the quilt.


heather said...

That's a good idea. I find that if I'm not working on something specific or something with a deadline, I tend to drift away from quilting for periods.

Jan said...

We are sharing our resolutions this year, and I have been very successful, so far. Maybe not 15 minutes even, but just to sew even a little a day is good for the soul. Hadn't heard that about keeping organized by using...that is a good one.

Brittany said...

I love the fifteen minute principle! I already use it to get through my housework ala Flylady; I don't know why I never thought to apply it to my creative projects, too.

Christine L said...

Great IDEA! Love the 15 min concept. Gonna have to give it a whirl and see how it goes :)
Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

Vicki said...

Your quilting looks great! Thanks for linking up. I love the idea of doing small chunks of sewing. Sometimes I don't want to get started but if I tell myself I'm only going to go for a few minutes I'll remember I really like it. :)


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