Wednesday, December 29, 2004

When I read a post last year from a knitter who planned to rip out ever project that she hadn't finished by the end of the year, I was horrified. How could anyone knit happily with that kind of deadline looming ahead? My memory's not that great - maybe she planned to leave a project or two on the needles. But reading her scary plan conjured up images of dismal Novembers and Decembers, where you couldn't start anything new because it might not be finished by the time the clock struck midnight.

Now I'm thinking it might not be such a bad idea to make some of my WIPs disappear. Like the cabled baby hat I was fighting with last night. It's almost done. What's left to do isn't difficult, just annoying. But in just a couple of minutes I could make it all disappear back into a neat ball of yarn. I wouldn't have to sew the seams, or worry about whether or not it's actually going to look cute on Quinn's little head. It could just go away. So could the cardigan and shawl I started while I was on bedrest and in the hospital. I don't feel like working on them at all lately.

If I did frog the shawl and cardigan, I'd still have the yarn and I'd still have invested the money in them, so I'd have lingering guilt. Guess I'll hang onto them both until I either feel like finishing, or find something more exciting to do with the yarn.


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