Thursday, December 30, 2004


How did I wind up knitting twelve hats this year? I guess it makes sense, since most are for the baby, but that's still a lot of hats. Especially since I've got at least a dozen more hat patterns printed out and for Christmas I got yarn to make the Cross Country Chullo from the new issue of Knitty. That one shouldn't count, though, because it's more of an excuse to play with color and learn something new than a hat I expect to wear. And most of the rest are baby hats. Some for Quinn, and some for the special care nursery.

I also knitted four scarves, a sweater and two jackets for the baby, a cute little dress that will wind up on Alex's favorite baby doll, a baby blanket, a couple of pairs of booties, five scarves, a little red summer top for me, three bags, four sweaters for the big kids...about 35 finished knitting projects at all.

I'm going to attempt some bigger, more complex projects in 2005. And socks. I've turned a heel by blindly following the pattern, and grown comfortable with my dpns. The next step should be making something that actually fits the foot it's intended for.

Yarn and patterns for quite a few exciting projects are ready and waiting for me to cast on, and I'm coveting the yarn for a couple more.

Can't wait to get started!


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