Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I need a knitted clock.

I finally got my hands on a copy of Knit 1, and now I want a knitted clock to hang here in my little alcove. It's got to be red, but not the same red as the sock yarn I already have -- that'd be far too easy!

I also want to knit the black k1 tank and one of those huge hoodies -- but not with Homespun, because that wouldn't be nice to knit or to wear. Alex's hooded sweater had a purpose after all! I was able to learn that I don't like knitting with Homespun and don't like the way it looks after it's been worn a few times without investing in a big project for myself. There has to be some other wonderful fluffy stuff out there that I can substitute. And hopefully afford.

When I was in the hospital, I got the idea of knitting a ribbed baby gown. I've got a very clear picture of it in my mind, and think I've figured out how the construction would work.

I pulled out the pieces of baby sweater I finished knitting a couple of months ago, then couldn't assemble because the leftover yarn is in a safe but forgotten place. I was just going to hold it up to Quinn and guess at how it would fit, but the pieces had really long yarn tails. Long enough to manage all of the seams! And it fits great, so I've got the measurements for my baby gown. What I don't have is enough skeins of the same color.

This morning my little guy is wearing his cute little sweater that fits better than most of his store bought stuff. I feel like a very good mommy.


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