Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm not done!

I've been reading the year end inventory posts on the knitlist, and all I can think is that the year isn't over yet -- I've got time to finish lots more! I've still got Christmas presents to knit, and Quinn's little head is getting bigger so he needs more hats, and I really desperately want a pair of wrist warmers like these or the long fingerless gloves here. I could finish at least two or three more things, I'm sure of it!

Mom's Christmas Scarf is done. The ends are woven in and it's washed and blocked and looks a lot better than I thought it would. Quinn's Baby Born jacket is done, and not nearly as cute as I'd hoped. The yarn is way too bulky for something that tiny. But it was a learning experience. Now I know that I can manage real, shaped sleeves and armholes, and that 2 stitches to the inch is not a good choice for a newborn. No matter how cute the jacket looked in the pattern photo.


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