Friday, December 03, 2004

I've been in one of those "I want new yarn to play with" moods. It's not that I need the yarn...having new goodies is just so fun! Mom and the kids and I have been planning a trip up to Fabric Depot for their monthly 30% off sale for months, but things kept happening to make us cancel. Today was our last chance until at least April, and I've been on pins and needles waiting for something to mess up this trip.

We had a near miss when dh totally destroyed a tire on his way to work and I wound up standing by the side of the road at 5:45am with a screaming baby, waiting for him to put on the spare so I could drive it home and he could take the Durango to work.

But the day got better. :-) Mom showed up with thrift store treasure -- 1100 yards of kid mohair (mostly black along with gold and teal and some other yummy colors) that were part of a vest kit. The ten year old invoice for $76 was still in the box, which she paid $2.50 for. And she had 960 yards of wine colored wool, a skein of nice red acrylic/wool blend, and a ton of old acrylic -- some of it too icky even for me, but it was in the $2 bag with the wool. Heath can cut it up.

And I think Fabric Depot has just about every Lion Brand yarn there is -- including the black Wool-ease for the Knit One tank which I can't get here in town. I found couple of yarns I hadn't tried before (Red Heart Hokey Pokey and TLC Wiggles) to make baby sweaters and some really nice looking cotton to make a shawl for Mom. (I can't do it by Christmas, but maybe for Mother's day!) It was so hard to be good and remind myself that they do this every month.

Then we stopped at the Pendleton Mill End store, where they've got Encore and Canadiana in a zillion different colors.

I'm overwhelmed with yarn today, and thoroughly enjoying it. :-)


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