Monday, July 25, 2016

Orphan Bow Ties

I try hard not to wind up with extra blocks, but with some of these long term scrap projects it happens. Long after Cheddar Bow Ties was quilted and bound, I found another twenty-three little blocks. They're the ones that were missing when I put the quilt top together and the reason it's 3" shorter than originally planned. 

While I wish they were in the quilt, I'm glad I didn't wait two years for them to turn up. 

What am I supposed to do with these? They would have blended perfectly into the big quilt, but with two of each this little assortment doesn't play well together.

I do have the leftover cheddar fabric, so I could make more.... If I wanted to, which I'm pretty sure I don't.

Maybe they should be a zipper bag with nine on each side...or a border for a baby quilt...

Got any better ideas?

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Dar said...

I love the idea for using them in a baby quilt -- or as the center of a baby quilt with some simple borders, The colors are so bright and cheery and babies like bright colors, I'm told. You could also use them on the back of a scrap quilt as part of a pieced backing.

Nann said...

. Set 4 x 5 for a medallion center and add borders as the spirit moves you? Or hang onto them and add other units from Bonnie's challenges. The new one is hourglass blocks.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of using them in borders of a baby quilt, but what about combining them with another block design, maybe in four patches? Or even just blank blocks, so you might have lines, all going the same way?

If you made one more, that would be enough for 12 blocks, if added to 24 other pieces to make four patches. They would only be 6" blocks, of course, but there are ways to expand an 18" x 24" piece, and I'm sure you know them all. =) Or very modern if they just made an X in the center of the quilt. With more cheddar for the rest of the background, that would make 36 x 36!

Amanda Best said...

You could make a small quilt as a wall hanging out of them.

Laura said...

If you really don't want to deal with them now, you could put them up for adoption. I did that for some quilt borders I couldn't use and made a new friend.

AnnieO said...

How about four each for a row border on a set of six placemats? You'd only need to make one more bow tie :). Or eight each to border both ends of a placemat.


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