Saturday, July 09, 2016


How does summer go by so fast? (And why does it bug me so much that it does, since I'm a homeschooling mom and don't  keep up with the school district's schedule in the first place?)

But I love summer and those three months of "official" permission to be  completely unstructured with our time.  Because completely unstructured afternoons let things like the Rickety Tower happen.

After lots of trial and error (which totally qualifies as a STEM activity, for anyone who cares) the marble will roll all the way down the track. And since I took this picture the structure is at least two feet taller. Now it sways while the marble is rattling its way to the bottom.

Those people posting about how today's kids lack creativity haven't met my boys. This project started out as an attempt to recreate this pin. No idea how we got from that to this, or if it counts as a Pinterest fail when a project goes this completely off track...but if I can provide craft sticks and a hot glue gun and my son will spend days at a time working on something like this, I think we're doing something right.

And I've got lots more ideas tucked away. When they want more inspiration I'll be ready.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny that your tower came from that maze! I love seeing children do things like this. Creativity IS alive and well in children. It isn't necessarily alive and well in public schools, though it is in some classrooms. =)

Jo said...

WOW. LOVE it. I bet them busy on that gave you lots of free time..or at least uninterrupted time.


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