Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Last Week at the Thrift Shop

I love looking at the sewing machines. I probably won't be buying another one anytime soon, but the different designs and colors always intrigue me. 

This one, with all of its straight lines and sharp edges, is just plain neat. The fifty dollar price tag and missing pressure foot kept it from tempting me too much, but if the price had been low enough and I was sure it worked, I'm pretty sure it would have come home with us. 

The tag on this one, which unfortunately isn't legible in any of my pictures, claimed that it's from the 1700s-1840s.  I'm not a sewing machine expert, but that just doesn't sound right at all. (Wikipedia tells me the first working sewing machine was made in 1790. I think it looks similar to one Grandma found at an estate sale, which dates to 1875.) At the very least, it seemed to be missing some important pieces. 

The high price on this painting, along with the obvious tear in the canvas, saved me from myself.

I can't think of a single wall in our house that would be right for it, but I love the colors and the image. Looming trees, swooping birds, a faceless woman carrying a load of sticks... and what's with the man and the cat behind her?

Even if the price on this one drops to 50% off, it'll still be too much for me to justify spending. My walls are safe from creepy forest scenes. For now, at least.


Anonymous said...

That first one IS interesting. I would have been tempted, too. A quilt shop here has a Riccar from probably the 40s which is $100. It works perfectly and is in a cabinet that's in great shape. It's been tempting me for a year! I couldn't believe it was still there when I went in the other day. It's not a matter of need, it's a matter of want. LOL That painting is definitely spooky. I can see why it's appealing, but it is spooky!

Amanda Best said...

Neat finds! I agree the painting is too expensive, especially with a tear like that. It reminds me of the painting in Roald Dahls's The Witches book/movie. Very creepy! It would make a great Halloween Decoration, but I don't know if I would want to see it everyday!


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