Monday, November 02, 2015

They're Coming to Get You...

The weather forecast for Halloween night was cold and rainy. Hubby had the weekend off with no overtime. The weather on the other side of the mountains was supposed to be nicer... so we packed up the boys and their plastic machete and chainsaw and the zombie scars and spent three days at Mom and Dad's place in Sisters.

Halloween Tip -- if you take the kids hiking earlier in the morning, they'll declare that they're done and have enough candy after only an hour of trick or treating. I think this was our shortest Halloween night ever. And the first time Hubby has been able to go door to door with us. It's nice to have adult company.

Halloween night, Leif called me upstairs to show me something. He wanted to know what the quilts were doing. This is one of my favorite quilt show posters, but it never occurred to me before that the quilts are stalking the streets under a full moon. Maybe they're looking for cold people to wrap up...

I didn't get as many projects done as I'd hoped to, but this October was better than last year. What didn't get done is on the list for next Halloween.

Now I'm wondering what to work on for November. Someone over on Stashbusters suggested a quilting marathon. I just went through my UFO list and I've definitely got tops that need to be basted and quilted --

Nail Polish Quilt
Heath's Ocean Quilt
Low Volume Nine Patch
Pink Birds Baby Quilt
Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt
Blue Dresden Plates 

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