Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thrift Shop Temptations - Vintage Board Games

Last week, I browsed through the games at Value Village. I didn't find the game that I was hoping for, but there was an entire shelf of 3M Bookshelf games from the mid-60s. I'd think that someone passed away or finally cleared off their shelves, but there were quite a few duplicates.

The art on front these boxes is just amazing. And look at the backs... They are definitely selling an experience here. The spines of the boxes are designed to look like books. Although they really don't. They look like a box that's trying hard to look like a book.

After reading an online review of High Bid, I'm kind of wishing I'd bought that one. Luftwaffe: The Game of Aerial Combat Over Germany found its way home with one of my teenagers. According to the online review of that one, it takes 240 minutes to play a single game.

Foil would either be a lot of fun or completely frustrating. The box art didn't appeal to me at all, but the actual game sounds like something Teenage Daughter and I might enjoy.

I'll be back next week to see if these have been marked down. The store has a new deal going where all items with the specified color on the tag are $2 each. I found some very nice jeans for the boys. Next week, I'm hoping to find some warm sweaters for myself, since this week I used up all of my time taking pictures of games and didn't get a chance to look.


Ruth said...

I picked up a game called Flight Leader once, using jet fighters. I thought my sons would enjoy it. It was so complicated that no one had ever played it before. The little cardboard pieces hadn't ever been all detached from each other! My boys took apart a few more pieces while they examined the game, but then they put it away and never went back to it.

Libby in TN said...

We have (or had) several of those games, mostly the ones having to do with stocks (FIL was a broker) or money. But you showed some I've never heard of. We are a family of game players and can easily spend a whole day on a single game. Rail Barons is one of our current favorites.

calico kat's tale said...

Oh, we had Aquire and LOVED it! Stocks and bonds too, but we didn't play that one as much. I like reading the directions on old games, they are so NOT politically correct ;)


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