Thursday, April 02, 2020

Today is Thursday

I'm working on a project. Now that I've picked up the stitches along the long edge and started the decreases, I'm actually enjoying it. For a couple of weeks, I couldn't picture the angles in my head and even though I'd checked and rechecked and was sure I was doing it right, I didn't think it would come together. Now that I can see how my shawl matches the diagrams and the rows are so much longer, I'm finding it soothing to knit on this one. 

I had to look at the calendar to be sure what day it is because things are starting to blur. Even though we've been following the rules for sheltering in place for almost a month now, I can't claim that I've been home for a long string of days because I've been driving my oldest son to his new (essential) job and picking him up at the end of his shift. There and back without leaving the car myself. Following the rules and trying to be patient.

We've finally solved the mystery of  the laundromat, after hearing rumors that it was only open when an attendant was there. It's open the regular hours, you just have to sit in your car while the load runs. We learned during the Walmart fire last spring that once the load is running there's no getting your clothes out until it's done. I can set the timer on my phone and sit in my car, which is honestly a lot more comfortable than the benches inside even if it is kind of cold. I wonder what the people without cars are expected to do...

Remember those reusable cloth shopping bags I finally got around to making? Some local stores aren't letting you bring your own bags at all, or are making you bag your own stuff if you do (I'm totally fine with that) or even using the old thin bags that we just banned because they were so horrible. Now the shopping carts and parking lots are full of abandoned latex gloves. 

If I sound tired and cranky, it's because I am. We're hanging in there at my house. Everyone seems to be healthy. Everyone in my immediate family who has a job is either essential or able to work from home or was already telecommuting in the first place.  One of my kids is starting a brand new job. One is buying a house. If that was all that was going on, I'd be stressed. But that's not all that's gong on. 

I'm trying to focus on creative projects  because there's not a whole lot else I can do right now. How are you all holding up? 

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moosecraft said...

I'm only week 2 of quarantine. We (hubby and I) are not sick here, which is a blessing! To help cope with the anxiety of this pandemic I'm reminding myself that staying in the comforts of my home is much better than being in a hospital (either sick or trying to save the sick (without proper PPE). We both keep busy with hobbies. Hubby with antique radios, me with cross stitch, paint by number, quilting, rug hooking, baking....and when weather permits, gardening. We also have a cat that seems to become rediculously silly when we need a laugh the most! :-) And, there's also Youtube to watch, since prime time tv is either repeating the same info about the virus and sharing scary numbers of it's victims...or airing shows we really have no interest in. I do whole heartedly hope and pray that there is a treatment/vaccine available for this we can stop the loss....and get back to being safe. And yes...I do get annoyed at the lack of common sense people have...i.e, the latex gloves and masks on the ground, insisting on social gathering (defeats the huge financial sacrifice the businesses have made), the hoarding of necessities....etc. It just makes me wonder if this whole ordeal happened to force society into changing their ways (of greed, etc)? Well...that's quite a comment...maybe I should stop! Deep breath and remember "this too shall pass"....hang in there! :-)


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