Saturday, December 06, 2014

Got Any Halloween Candy Left?

This year, I saw all kinds of suggestions for dealing with Halloween candy, from selling it to local dentists to eating a piece a day  for a few days and donating what was left to (my favorite) freezing some of it to use in those dessert recipes that  call for chopped up candy bars.

My own plan, which I got too busy to follow up on, was to do a bunch of the experiments from Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt. We're going to have to buy a Cadbury egg to see what happens when we fry it.

My two younger boys love doing experiments, especially that one where you fill a jar with muddy water and wait for it to settle into layers. I don't think they've ever left the jar alone long enough for it to work the way its supposed to, but filling the jar and shaking it up makes them happy.

This book is full of simple experiments that don't require much preparation. The author even offers alternatives to a microwave (for the two or three of us families living without one like we are!)

I was thrilled to find out that there's a second book, Candy Experiments 2. That one has a strong focus on science fair projects as opposed to science demonstrations, which are what you'll find in the first book. (The boys and I are after science demonstrations.)  Both books explain what's causing the reaction you get. I don't  expect my boys to get deep scientific understanding from either book, but they'll be perfect for those days when they wants to make something happen.

Disclosure -- I found Candy Experiments on my own. The publisher provided me with an ARC of Candy Experiments 2. 

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