Wednesday, September 03, 2014

{Yarn Along} Congo Socks

It's been almost a year since I decided that I should do something with the single skeins of sock yarn I'd bought with plans to make socks for my boys. I was able to find second skeins for four of the eight colorways. I've finished the Green Envy Socks, and the Rustica Socks

These are the Congo Socks --

One skein had brighter colors than the other. I could tell while I was knitting, and it shows up in the picture if you look hard enough, but I'm so glad I used this stuff to make socks for myself instead of the boys. I'm hoping there's enough left to make myself some wrist warmers or something, just because I'm still excited about the colors.

I've got plans to cast on for the Toasted Almond pair soon, then I'm going to have to knit some solid color socks so I'll have leftover yarn to use with the other skeins.

I wasn't really excited about reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. For me, it was something to pick up at the library while I wait for Revival to come out later this fall. It's not my favorite of his books and I doubt that I'll read it again, at least not anytime soon, but it kept me turning pages. There's nothing supernatural in this one, just a fear on my part that the author was going to do something really really awful to the characters (as opposed to the author that's standard for Stephen King novels.) I haven't trusted him since Bag of Bones.

Have you seen the commercial for the Stephen King birthday celebration on Encore? Makes me wish there was more room free on our DVR.

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Ramona said...

Great socks! Love the stripes and colors.

Gari in AL said...

What fun socks. You will have everyone wanting to look at your feet.

Muv said...

Love those socks. One of these days I will start knitting again...


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