Thursday, September 04, 2014

Barbie Used to Have MUCH Cooler Stuff! {part 2}

A couple of weeks ago, I showed off Barbie's Dream Boat. It took a little more digging, but here's her Friend Ship. 

Before you get the idea that I was too spoiled, Mom found both of these at thrift shops back in the day. It's kind of battered, but vinyl toys that have been neatly folded up for thirty years don't just spring back into shape. And, after what happened to the Town House (which was normal wear and tear on very old cardboard and plastic pillars), my kids aren't getting anywhere near these! 

I've always loved the graphics. In that respect, the plane is almost neater than the boat. There's almost no pink to be found, except for some of the clothes in the coat closet.

There's absolutely no doubt what airline Barbie worked for. I'm curious about those baby bottles -- they seem to be a really prominent fixture.  

The galley is obviously more important than the cockpit. I think the pilot was almost an afterthought. But as a kid, it was the galley and passenger seating that I cared about.  

Think this is the aerial view of wherever that boat was sailing?

And, like the Dream Boat, it folds up nicely for storage. I found a link to the original advertisement on this blog.

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Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

How cool! My neighbor friend had one of those! She was probably 6 years younger than me and we played Barbies for hours at a time...the good old days. I still have my Barbies and several other dolls with similar cases, though next as cool as the plane! Haha! Thanks for the memories!

Villrose said...

Great to see!

Shauna said...

So much fun to revisit our childhood. I used to have the barbie camper that had fold up chairs, camping dishes and a little pretend firepit.

Laura said...

I totally AGREE!! I had the two story/1story ski cottage/apartment for Barbie and boy it was the antithesis of PINK. I love this, I never had the plane probably didn't know it existed.


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