Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ladies' Art Company Block Tool

When I received the Ladies' Art Company Block Tool for my birthday a few months back, I didn't look at it too closely. I saw that it had rotary cutting instructions for lots of blocks in different sizes, but I didn't look at the blocks too closely until today.

There are 160 different blocks here, all of them originally published by the Ladies' Art Company in the late 1800s. Each block has instructions for five different sizes (but not the same five sizes -- depending on the grid, some start at 3" or 4" or 5".) Instructions are included for figuring the yardage needed for a quilt, and there are charts showing sizes for setting triangles and the diagonal measurements of different block sizes.

What I love is that these blocks come in little sizes and have lots of pieces -- as many as fifty pieces in a four inch block. There are some fun-looking challenges here!


Darlington Delights said...

What a wonderful looking gadget. Wherever did you get it?

Denise :) said...

Hey, that's a pretty nifty little resource!! I'm going to have to give that a google! :)


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