Friday, September 21, 2012

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew

It doesn't take much to get me geeking out about vintage Nancy Drew books. But these aren't books. These are fabric!

It's one of the prints from Moda's upcoming collection, Get a Clue With Nancy Drew, and it's got my heart going pitty-pat like you wouldn't believe. I can't tell you how giddy I am that Moda is letting me make them a quilt with this stuff.

There's a panel with six of the book covers. The colors are just incredible.

Of course I had to stop at the library and pick up one to compare to the fabric. Because my own copy of Ghost of Blackwood Hall is one of the blue bound ones.

The images in this print come from the book covers. I can recognize The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes and (I think) The Mystery of the Fire Dragon. Does that mean I read these books too many times as a kid?

Even the selvages are cute.

Did I mention that I'm excited about this fabric?


Amanda said...

oh my! That bookcase is amazing. Is it bad to covet fabric? Lucky you to get to play with it.

krisgray said...

Love it! Esp. the books on the shelf with the spines. I just might have to order some of that and then make the simplest wallhanging ever!

Allie said...

I adored Nancy and I MUST get this fabric - I still have some of my books, although I gave most away, darn it. This is possibly the only fabric I'll buy this year, lol, I love it that much!

KaHolly said...

Oh, what fun!! My daughter collects the older copies of Nancy Drew books - always a great gift when I can find them. She would love something made from this fabric.

Carol S. said...

I'm loving this fabric and can't wait to see what everyone whips up with it. It's such a fun line of fabric!

Anonymous said...

I've already emailed Moda but is anybody else aware that there is a misspelled word on the Nancy Drew fabric...doesn't change the fact that the fabric is awesome!


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