Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's been a year since I went to the laundromat!

I'm almost afraid to write this post for fear of jinxing myself...but I've also been counting down the days to this anniversary.

I've had my new-to-me washing machine for just over a year and it still works. That means that my $30 Craigslist find, which was manufactured in 1988, has outperformed its predecessor. I've already complained about that one enough, so I won't repeat the whole saga again now. There were many, many visits from the repairman, and many, many trips to the laundromat with four kids.

Not only does my new-to-me machine work when it's supposed to, it also gets the clothes cleaner. There is something deeply wrong with that. Not that this machine works, but that the one we bought brand new after doing tons of research and listening to the opinions of that publication that's supposed to steer you in the right direction, didn't.

This washer makes me very happy. Not to the point that I truly enjoy doing laundry, but I don't dread it nearly as much as I did!


Needled Mom said...

There is little more important than a good functioning washer.

Barbara said...

Good for you! When my hubby and I moved into our first renter house in 1978, we bought an old style Frigidaire washer and dryer. The washer had the up and down agitator that REALLY got the clothes clean. It was about 15 years old when we bought it, and it worked for us for about 10 years. We sold it with the house (which we eventually bought) because our next home required a gas dryer. Gas dryers are less easy to find used. Loved that old washer. They don't make them like that any more.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'll second what Needled Mom said. And, let's face it, older stuff was just made better. Appliances were made out of heavier metal & more durable parts, cars were made out of actual metal instead of fiberglass & plastic, TVs and small appliances were repairable -- not considered throwaways. Shoes could be resoled or have new heels put on for gosh sakes. Large appliances are built to only last 5-10 years as opposed to the more than 40 our old freezer circa 1970 lasted. Or my parents' freezer circa the 1950's that lasted even longer than that. I send good thoughts to your washer that it keep on keeping on. -grin-

Denise :) said...

Yup ... today, things are made to NOT last. Purposefully. Because we've become a people so used to our conveniences, they know we'll move fast to replace. It's sad. Congrats on your year -- here's to *many* more!! :)

barbara woods said...

we bought a frezer 6 years ago only to be told last year by a repairman that they don't last but 5 years and we are retired and cannot afford to replace every thing every 5 years

Jo said...

Here's to another year or maybe 10..who knows. I am so frustrated with things that are made now days. For years and years we went through a vacuum cleaner every 10 months or so. I will admit that's when the kids were running it. I think some things that were too large might have been sent up the


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