Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wfmw - just let them enjoy themselves

When we took the kids to the Denver Zoo a couple of months ago, I got a case of the Mommy Guilts. We'd been wandering through the zoo for hours and come to the fish. I don't think anyone in our family was too enthusiastic about the fish -- by that point, we were trying to find the komodo dragons so we could see them and get back to the car.

I saw another mommy who was reading every sign to little ones, making sure that they understood the fish in the tank was the one who kept its babies in its mouth, "like the one in Finding Nemo!" She was so perky and so enthusiastic, puffing out her cheeks and everything.

And it hit me that I hadn't read my kids a single sign in the entire zoo. I'd skimmed a couple myself to answer questions, but I definitely wasn't being a perky tour guide. The kids have watched enough Animal Planet and National Geographic that that probably know most of what's on those signs...but I still felt a bit like I was shirking my mommy duties.

Then last week my littlest one came running up with a book about fish showing me a picture and telling me, at the top of his enthusiastic little lungs, that it was a glass catfish, just like we saw at "that place we went that time" and he could see right through it.

THAT'S why we took them to the zoo -- so they could have fun and learn about the animals for themselves.

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