Saturday, October 15, 2011

my Nutella didn't swirl

I'm not sure what the proper technique for swirling Nutella into pumpkin bread batter is, but that's okay. This whole project was mainly an excuse to eat pumpkin anyway. And there was just enough Nutella in my piece to convince me that it would be fantastic if I could figure out how to get it through the whole loaf. Without it, it was darn yummy.

I used this recipe and made big loaves instead of muffins.

It was supposed to be dessert after we finished the pot roast, but my husband dind't know what I was up to and brought home ice cream. So the kids had blackberry ice cream and pumpkin bread. Except for one, who had leftover pot roast with her ice cream. I can't decide which is the weirder combination.

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Denise :) said...

LOL! It *looks* marvelous! Leftover pot roast and ice cream for dessert. I think that's my kind of girl! Nutella takes a bit of a heavy hand to swirl it into batters. You've really got to press down and glide your knife back and forth *and* up and down to get it to swirl all over. Of course, when it's all concentrated on the top, it's like frosting. Yummmm! :)


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