Thursday, October 20, 2011

our coconut puzzle

Hubby bought a coconut at the grocery store. I'm not sure what his ultimate plans for it are -- guess that's the first part of the puzzle!

After he'd baked it in the oven and split it open and somehow got the meat separate from the shell, he left the pieces out. That's when the fun started.

This has got to be the BEST wooden puzzle ever!

All day, my little guys were putting the pieces back together and karate chopping them apart. They made it into a little building like the African huts we saw at the zoo a couple of months back. They did not lose a single piece. Not until I decided that I wanted a picture of it.

As wonderful as I think they are, I gave up on wooden puzzles a long time ago because as hard as I try, we cannot keep them intact. But my sons will take care of a coconut. And, really, it is neater than the puzzles were. I'm betting they'll find that missing chunk by the end of the day.

Should I mention that this thing is not that easy to reassemble? I'll stick to wondering how many baby quilts I can get out of that one blue sheet. I'm guessing at least three...but now I've got five ideas I want to try.


Nanci said...

I think that is an indication of how inventive those guys are!
Yeah three little blankets should do it!

Terry said...

Amazing the things that will occupy kids! :0)

Jo said...

So cute...It sounds just like something my boys would have done. :)


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