Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best of Fons & Porter Scrap Quilts

I've been reading a lot more fiction lately, so it's been quite a while since I remembered to check the library for new quilt books. But this week, I remembered and came home with Best of Fons & Porter Scrap Quilts.

I own a lot of books of scrap quilt patterns and I've borrowed and flipped through a lot more. This just might be my newest favorite (along with Bonnie Hunter's books and Scrap Basket Surprises.) The only thing that's stopping me from ordering my own copy right now is that "best of" in the title. I've got a lot of issues of Fons & Porter and might own most of these patterns already.

In addition to the cover quilt, I really want to make this one:

And this one:

And most of the other quilts in the book.

There's such a variety of quilts and techniques here, stuff I already know how to do as well as things I've been wanting to try but haven't tackled yet. Curves and applique and embroidery and set in seams...and there seems to be just enough instruction that I wouldn't need to go online or drag out anothr book to research techniques.


Jo said...

I have seen this book and liked it...Your GO! would make quick work of cutting those circles. Do you have the circle die? If not, now you have your excuse!

Cheryl said...

Michelle, thanks so much for reviewing the book!


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