Sunday, May 08, 2011

This might be the one!

Now and then, we get into a discussion about why there isn't a quilt on our bed. What it comes down to is that I like making smaller quilts, and making a quilt for the bed just seems like a huge commitment, something I'll be stuck with forever.

But that's silly. I know darn well how to make quilts, even big bed size ones, disappear.

And I think I've found the quilt I want for our bed --

Bigger, and scrappier. This one was cut from the contents of one scrap bag, which makes me suspect that someone else had deliberately put the colors together for a project. Or just liked these colors. For the one I'm keeping, I'm going to add more varied lights and darks.

Now I should probably do some math. How big is a queen size quilt? Or do I want to make it king size, in case we get that bigger bed we've been talking about?

But what's going to happen is that I'll cut a bunch of pieces and use it as a leaders/enders project while I make up my mind. And I might make the bed size quilt I'm planning, or a throw, or more lap quilts...

If you want the measurements for the block, it's 2 1/2" squares around an 8 1/2" square that was pieced from four 4 1/2" squares, with a 5" appliqued circle. Just the next step from all of those framed squares baby quilts I was playing with last year. I've made another video that shows how to put it together.


Yvette said...

I say to go for the king size! It will be great.

Louise said...

That's a great stash-buster quilt, and thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I started to answer, then remembered this is the Archives linky. LOL. I hope you got your bed quilt. claire aka knitnkwilt


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