Monday, October 22, 2007

I want to knit. Yes, I just about always want to knit, but right now I really want to knit. I want to start a bunch of new projects all at once and get them all done and then cast on for more. My hands don't seem quite as excited about this as the rest of me, which kind of stinks, but I've got patterns and yarn, most of it stuff that's been aging quietly in my stash, and I think I'm going to spend the afternoon pulling things together and swatching and casting on so that when I do have time for some serious knitting it's ready to go.

So far, the ever-changing list of things I've gotta start now is:

Bed & Breakfast Pullover
Reversible Lace Rib Shrug with Swing Shaping from Elann
The Luna Flickering Flames Skirt from Elann
The Garter Stitch Stripes Sweater from Winter 2003 IK
Shrug This
a toddler-sized Cobblestone Pullover

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