Monday, July 11, 2016

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

I didn't think I was going to the quilt show this year. We just got back from Colorado and we've got another big trip coming up soon and packing up the kids and driving across the mountain just seemed like too much work. Then it turned out that my husband was off for the weekend and wanted to make a trip to Sisters in a couple of we put our heads together and decided it was best to kill two birds with one stone and make the trip this weekend. 

All week, they were talking about the sixty percent chance of rain. I'd heard the news and was trying hard to ignore it, but every time we turned on the television we heard more about how it was going to rain. Late Friday night, it absolutely poured.

But it does not rain on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, or so we've always heard. (Except that one year, but it didn't start until it was almost time for the quilts to come down anyway.)  We hit the streets at 7:30 am, just as the quilts were going up, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. No rain. No triple digits. The boys didn't get to go swimming, but we've got a perfectly good river just down the highway from home. They've got months of swimming ahead of them. 

The quilts this year were gorgeous! I'm still swooning over the "door" inspired art quilts.

And Julia Child. As fantastic as the woman and the fish in her arms is, just look at that kitchen behind her!

The one in the lower right hand corner makes me think of the Eye of Sauron.

And the volcano quilt. That one was made by a ten-year-old boy. The quilts made by children were just as stunning as the ones made by adults.

For those of you in my neck of the woods, did you make it to the quilt show this year? If you did, what made you swoon?


Libby in TN said...

Sisters is definitely on my bucket list, but it's a long way from Middle TN! Glad you were able to go.

Nancy said...

We hit the streets just a few minutes before you and headed straight to the Sisters Coffee shop before hitting the Stitchin Post. We kept saying all day how wonderful the weather was for walking and viewing. Some years we have to stop by noon because of the heat. This year I was taking off my light weight jacket and putting it back on when the sun went behind the clouds for a bit. This year we took a break in the Village Green and then headed back out. We did not leave until at least 3:30 so I think we got to see more than we normally do. Since we stopped at BJ's quilted basket in Bend we still did not get back to Portland until after 8pm. We hit heavy rain as we came down the mountain toward Sandy and were so thankful it had not been on the East side. All in all I would like more years like this one.

Anonymous said...

I've had one year with lovely weather like that, and it was wonderful to see so much of the show in comfort. I've also had the year where it was over 100! I'm so glad you had a great time.

Judy S. said...

Haven't been to Sisters for a long time, but it's a fun place to visit.


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