Monday, July 04, 2016

I've Got Quilting to Do

I knew I had tops to quilt, but I didn't realize how many were hanging right there on the ladder --

Alex's nail polish quilt
Alex's low volume postage stamp quilt
Heath's panel quilt with the seals and otters
Turtles (partially quilted)
Baby Blue Lozenges
and the black floral print, which is the backing for a sixth quilt that isn't hanging there
and the Blue Dresden Plates

I should probably quilt something soon!


Sharon Massena said...

6 - That's not bad. You can get them done in a week or two.

Amanda Best said...

Have fun quilting! I tend to leave all my UFO projects as blocks, so even though I have nearly 50 UFO projects, only one is a complete top ready to quilt.

Jo said...

Wonder for you. You can have a gift done in a jiffy if needed.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad problem to have. =) I should hang mine like that so I don't forget them. I've lost one for four years, but I'm sure it will turn up sometime. I hope!


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