Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Quiet Day at Home

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one I know who is content to just hole up at home for a few days at a time. But my idea of heaven is knowing that I can stay put unless I want to go somewhere. Which is different from being truly stranded.  

We're back to sharing two cars between three drivers. That's a big improvement over a couple of weeks ago, when it was one car between the three of us.  If I really wanted or needed the van for something, I could work it out, but this week I had enough advance warning to get my ducks in a row and the boys and I are enjoying ourselves here. 

My day yesterday was filled with knitting and embroidery and some sewing and a fancy breakfast (and dishes and laundry and math and reading...)

I finished another little bag based on the Zip A Bag tutorial series, the darted pouch. This is the first time I've gotten my zipper stops sewn together the way they should be. (We were supposed to make this bag without them, but I was using a recycled zipper that I had to cut down to size and I knew how to make it work if I used the stops.) 

My pouch is floppy. At first I thought that I'd messed up the darts, or gotten the dimensions of the exterior and the lining different, but that's not the problem. The corduroy and quilting cotton I used for the lining just don't have enough body for my bag to hold its shape.  I can see how to fix it next time around, but I'm not expecting to work with corduroy again. This was my last piece.


Lady of the Manor said...

I love the fabric pattern but haven't worked with corduroy much. I bet once you fill it up with goodies, it won't be so floppy.

I also love to stay home during the winter months and sew. It's the only time I can have uninterrupted time to piece my quilts.

Stay warm!

Dar said...

I love your "floppy" bag. It doesn't really look floppy to me. It just looks spacious, which means it will hold so much more. I wish I would take the time to make a few of these for my knitting projects, but too many UFOs make me have to stick to my guns about finishing some of them first.


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