Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Have New Neighbors

I haven't seen them yet, but they've been sneaking around in the back yard and cutting down some of our trees. As much as I love the trees, I'm good with that.

We've got beavers! How neat is that? We haven't seen him or her or them yet, but there's plenty of evidence that they're here.

See the little tree that's lying across the puddle that used to be my lawn? That will be gone by tomorrow, or dragged into another position. We haven't found what they're building, but they're definitely liking that patch of little saplings which are growing up from a willow that fell across the stream when we first moved in.

Have I mentioned that I love living in the country? Between the coyotes we hear now and then, the  owl who kept flying to the dining room window, the frog eggs in the pond, the three legged deer and the squeaking snake, and the really really big snakes it rarely gets boring.


Gisela Suski said...

Nature is such a wonderful gift, you don't get bored.

patty a. said...

So interesting to see what goes on outside one's home! I live in a city by a metro park and I am amazed at the animals I see. My friend who lives in the country says I see more animals than she ever sees! Last week I saw a family of four hawks, and then there are skunks, raccoons, deer (they like to wander thru the neighborhood snacking on everyone's landscaping and nap in my backyard!) owls, chipmunks, blue herons, those giant Woody Woodpeckers,and once I even saw an eagle!


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