Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Antique Store Temptations - Mother Goose

Since I started embroidering vintage designs for the Garden Party quilt, I've been keeping my eyes open for real vintage stitchery. Last summer, Mom and I found a treasure trove at an antique mall, including this Mother Goose crib Sheet.

I've been worried that some of my own stitching looks too heavy. This stitching looks like it might have been done with three strands. As many Little Miss Muffet patterns as I've found, I don't think I've seen this set.

Anyone have a guess who this turtle, or the one with the cane is? I can't remember any nursery rhyme turtles. Except the tortoise and the hare, and that's a fable not a nursery rhyme. Looking at the picture of the whole sheet and that black and white striped critter who may or may not be a zebra, I wonder if someone mixed patterns from a couple of different sources into one project....

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