Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I started my Texas Braid quilt in March. It was supposed to be my birthday quilt, like 38 from last year, but it got put away after just a couple of days. Not much this year has gone as planned.

So I'd have something exciting to share on my design wall this week, I pulled it out and started cutting the rest of the light strips. I think I needed 100 more pieces, but my scribbled notes are long gone. I know I had at least a couple more sections started, but they weren't in the box with the rest of the project.

A couple of things about this quilt make me nervous. I want to make mine smaller than the one in Bonnie's book. I'm fairly sure my math is right and I know about how many strips I need (and if I wind up with more, there's always the rail fence that I started cutting these strips for before realizing they were the right size for this project and that I wanted to make it more than I wanted another rail fence.) And I worry about getting my scraps evenly distributed between the braids.

But I can do this! I've made how many scrap quilts? And they usually come out just fine.

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Gari said...

I really would like to make a braid quilt (quiltlet) but it looks complicated. Which of Bonnie's books did this come out of? I like your colors, this should be really pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am working on a braid quilt too, fighting it. I finally cut a fair portion off 2 edges opposite each other to make it line up. No more chisels for me, at least not for awhile. This was frustrating. But I like the looks of yours.


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