Monday, July 18, 2011

This project calls for a real design wall!

This project was inspired by this post at the Patchery Menagerie. I got my copy of Word Play Quilts as soon as it came out, and have the perfect quote picked out for my dream quilt, but I haven't managed to work up the confidence to cut into my stash of yellow and orange fabric.

A two color sampler doesn't sound quite so intimidating. And I love black and white alphabet samplers, like this cross stitched one I did a few years ago.

Lynne is doing her sampler in alphabetical order. I haven't done many pieced letters, so I'm following the order they're explained in the book. Not the best idea -- I finished most of the easy ones last night and now I'm a bit overwhelmed by the idea of the more complex ones.

Some of these letters definitely need to be redone, but I'm happy with the "A" and "K" that I did Sunday night. Those are keepers!

For more design walls to drool over, visit Patchwork Times.


Clare said...

Welcome to the world of Tony Riccuci. You are in for a lot of fun. When you get to the Q follow Lynne's instructions. Her way is a lot faster and easier than in the book.

Don't be put off by the M and W. They are easy once you know how and you don't have to do it as Tonya says. You can adopt your own technique. I did when I first started and eventually plucked up enough courage to do them the Tonya way.

Best of luck.

Tonya Ricucci said...

you can do it!!! your letters so far look great! and you can always ask questions of me or Lynne - there's lots of help out there.

cauchy09 said...

oh, i love that book and i love your letters! good luck!

Quilter Kathy said...

Excellent! Great job so far! Keep going!

Mary said...

Takign a class at teh LQS tomorrow with that Book! You'll see my blocks August.


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