Monday, May 02, 2011

those bees make my clothes smell

Years ago, I'd come home from certain friends' houses and immediately jump into the shower to get rid of the cigarette smell. It's one of those things I hadn't thought about forever. Now and then, usually when we're travelling, we'll walk past someone smoking and I'll remember that the world (or at least a lot more of it) used to smell like that. These days it's hard to believe that as a kid I spent a long plane flight stuck next to a creepy chain smoking guy.

But now we've got bees. And I've got smoke scented hair and clothes. Although, to be fair to the bees, it's more of a campfire smell than a stinky bar smell.

We've seen the queen! She's alive and well, which is a great relief. If that one little bug dies before she starts laying eggs, they all die and we're done until next year. So seeing her in there was a huge relief.

Now my plan is to get a big white shirt to wear when we're smoking the bees. Because I hear they don't like dark colors. And we want to have happy bees -- especially when I'm standing right next to them.

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DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Wow, bees! We always think about bees but I think I'm not ready for the commitment. But I'm jealous!


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