Sunday, May 10, 2009

Traditional quilts with pieced curves make my heart go pitty-pat. Up until this afternoon, I'd only pieced one block with curves, but that hasn't stopped me from aspiring to do a Double Wedding Ring, and a Pickle Dish, and a Drunkard's Path, and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, and whatever that block I played with today is called...

Just got up and checked the pattern, which calls it the "traditional Rose Dream" block.

The pattern is from one of those magazines Lori sent me. I'm sure I've seen this block before and mentally added it to the list of quilts I was going to make when I got brave enough to tackle curves.

I don't know that I was feeling brave today, but the kids were outside and I had to do something with that precious alone time. I thought I remembered where my template plastic was and I really didn't feel like sewing corner triangles onto those Weed Whacker strips, so I gave it a shot.

I could seriously fall in love with pieced curves.

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