Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm not sure if life is starting to settle down or not, but I did make some time to play this afternoon.

My friend called about her quilt. Guess what -- it's impossible to explain to someone over the phone how to piece a curved seam, even if you've both got the same book and are looking at the same picture. And especially if neither of you has ever done it before!

I wound up cutting pieces for a block of my own to see if I could make it work. And after a false start, I did --

Please ignore the hideous colors. I was using scraps that I'm absolutely sure I didn't mind wasting. The first curved seam didn't line up right, but the next two came out pretty darn good. Which means I can tackle some of the patterns I've been drooling over but held back on because I didn't know how to do curves.

I wanted to try some disappearing nine patch blocks, but my box of squares has vanished. Please tell me that my sons didn't take them while my back was turned. I've got plans for those!

So because I didn't have squares, I cut some triangles. I really want this quilt -- look at those applique birds! -- but hadn't tackled triangles yet. Not unless it was the sew a square and cut it in half variety.

They're not all that scary. Except for the 3/8" thing. My ruler doesn't have a good 3/8" line. I plan on making one with tape, now that I've found what the boys did with it.

I plan on doing the whole quilt in blues, if I can come up with enough of them. Shouldn't be a problem!

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Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Enjoyed the post. I have about a 4 ft pieced center of the birds in the air..... more triangles done but not sewed to the rest. I too am doing in all blues.


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