Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday, my best friend spent the day down here to work on her glorified nine patch. While she was pinning and sewing her curves, I worked on Mountain Majesties. The pieces have all been cut for a while now and those blocks were a perfect project for sitting and visiting while we quilted.

The more blocks I got together, the more I thought I disliked some of the colors. I wasn't going to give up on the project because there are so many fabrics in it that I absolutely love (including a few that I desperately wish I'd saved for my applique birds), but I was getting more and more disappointed, at least until I laid the blocks out a few minutes ago to take a picture.

I absolutely love it!

A few of the 1500 missing squares have found their way back to me and instead of pouting that most of the rest are probably never going to be seen again, at least not the way I want to see them, I'm experimenting with a disappearing nine patch. Not sure if I like it in two colors or not, but I've got a bunch of really bright juvenille prints that I'm sure I can do something fun with.

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