Friday, May 08, 2009

The giddiness has subsided into a nice sane happiness. There's been no quilting here for going on three days, but I've really been too busy to notice. Right now, I'm typing fast and trying to get my thoughts down before it's time to stick dinner in the oven.

Things have been going very right.

I finally, after several months of searching, found another Core Five on eBay selling for a decent price. It's on its way to us now, it's insured, and I've got tracking numbers so I can keep obsessively checking to see when it might actually get here. This means that I can stop writing my own curriculum for my oldest as we go and stop searching eBay every single day. But it means I'll be obsessed until it gets here.

I also found Guest Hollow, a website with printable schedules that tie in so perfectly with what we're already using that the whole thing could've been put together with my kids in mind. So I've been printing and searching the online card catalog and made an extra trip up to the library to get books to keep Alex busy until the real curriculum gets here. Too bad I didn't find this in January, which would've cut way down on my stress.

My wee tiny sock arrived earlier this week from Michelle -- can you see those tiny little watermelon seeds? Aren't they adorable?

Lori sent me some fabric for my Bento Box, along with about a dozen quilting magazines I haven't seen before. I've only flipped through a couple, but I've already found a bunch of quilts I think I can piece with what I've got. I can't wait to go through the rest of them.

Gotta go heat the oven! Hopefully I've have more time, or be able to type faster, tomorrow.

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