Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've really got to keep my camera in my purse. We stopped at an estate sale and the house was an absolute time capsule of mid century modern goodies. Which was great when it came to the furniture (not for me and my 1920s farmhouse, but I'm sure someone went absolutely ga-ga over it!)

The time capsule effect wasn't as appealing when it came to the fabric for sale. Imagine a whole bed buried in bundles of double knit polyester. I wasn't even the slightest bit tempted.

And then I got distracted by the kitchen and its fantastic double oven and pull out stove top. I thought about driving back today to take pictures, because it was just so incredible. But that wasn't necessary. Turns out it's a Frigidaire Flair and there are whole websites devoted to it. And Samantha had one on Bewitched!

Honestly, I get more excited about old kitchen stuff, or stuff that's trying to look old, then I can get about granite countertops and brand new toys.

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Marge Gordon said...

There was one of those in the house we bought in VA back in 1993 but it didn't work. It would only pull out part of the way and only one burner worked and the oven didn't work at all. Sadly we had to replace it to eat, I had two growing boys back then!


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