Sunday, August 15, 2010

drastic measures

I did it. I emptied my quilt ladder and took every single baby quilt (except for the cat quilt) up to the gal who does the newborn layettes. Yesterday, I started refilling it.

My somewhat crazed goal is to finish ten quilts in ten days. I've got at least five or six sitting here waiting for bindings or quilting, so it's possible. Or would be if I didn't have the factor in my knee or the Janome's moods.

The quilt at the top of the post had been sitting on my ironing board for a couple of months and just needed binding.

This one was a finished top, but the boys bumped into the table and sloshed diet Coke onto the white blocks. I hand washed it at the time, but never got back to it, and then was my unplanned two month break from quilting....

The backing is a hunk of knit fabric I picked up at the thrift store earlier this week for fifty cents. I really like the way these knits work on baby quilts, and they seem to go for less than cotton -- probably because they don't have value to quilters. I've got enough left for a second quilt.

And I assembled a bunch of those 4 patch units I was working on into a new little top.

Now I'm going to have to see if I can get the Janome to cooperate so I can do some meandering. Wish me luck!


Cecily said...

Good luck! All three of those are gorgeous! That is one mighty large goal, you've set for yourself - go for it!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for visiting and commenting. That first quilt is my favorite - love the colors!


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