Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have got to get back to posting more often. If nothing else, it helps me keep track of what I'm doing. And I really need that help, because I sure can't seem to keep track of what I'm working on.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped at the new thrift store in Albany and saw a quilt. It wanted to come home with me. I wanted to take it home with me, at least until I got a look at the price tag.

I don't really collect antique quilts, I just bring home the occasional really cheap one that won't let me leave it behind. If I was serious about collecting old quilts, this one wasn't the kind quilt I like. And I wasn't even sure that it was old.

I apparently didn't get a very good look at it, because when I saw a sample hanging in a quilt shop a week later, I convinced myself that I could make a substitute that had all of the things I loved about the thrift store quilt and the added bonus of jagged edges. I did still have that fat eights of Mamas Cottons that I hadn't started to cut up for my butterfly quilt, and some of them did look a little like the ones that drew me to that other quilt....

That's how I wound up with this --

Please tell me I'll like it better when it's quilted. Because right now I'm thinking I totally wasted my nice fabric.

We went back to the thrift store on Thursday and the quilt was still there. Apparently I didn't get a very good look at it the first time around, because that's the only explanation for why I did what I did with my fabric.

Now that it's cut up and sewn together into something else, I can see what I should have done to make the quilt I wanted. Too bad this isn't knitting, where frogging and starting over is usually an option!

Today, I've been retreating. I started out by cleaning my sewing machine and winding a bunch of bobbins. Then I pulled out a baby quilt that's been sitting there, all pin basted and ready to quilt.

I'm in the mood to meander.

This quilt started out as a pile of 2 1/2" strips that I planned to make into a baby-sized bargello. I kept looking at the prints and being haunted by this niggly little feeling that they were going to look awful if I didn't make a drastic change to my plans. I'm glad I found a better use for these fabrics.


Diannia said...


I'm sorry your quilt isn't turning out like the one you saw and liked. One thing I try to remember to do is take a pic w/my cell phone of things I like and want to make...that way you don't have to rely on memory. I was in a QS restroom 1 day and they had up lots of pics from magazines and books of quilts...There was 1 I loved so I took a pic of it then when I was at a different QS I found the book by showing the salesperson the pic...just a suggestion...

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love this quilt!!!! And as for the one you are feeling disappointed in...ALL quilts look better after they're quilted! a You'll figure it out, and you'll love it no matter what! Meanwhile, it sure looks like your are both a talented knitter and a talented quilter, too!


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