Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I haven't spent much time online lately. There just hasn't been a lot of time to fill by following fabric and yarn related rabbit trails. It's starting to bug me, so today I made some time.

I'd like to make a Lamplight Quilt, nevermind how much I hate laying things out on a design wall and sewing them together one bit at a time.

I could spend the next week following links from How About Orange. Far too many things there to get excited about, especially with a creative twelve year old sitting next to you.

Like the half eaten gingerbread man ornamets from Elsie Marley's Blog. I like these! There's not a scrap of brown felt to be found in the house (not that I've looked -- I just know that I don't use much felt) so I can't even consider making one until after our next trip to town. I'm thinking he might look even cuter using the cinnamon bread dough recipie the kids and I tried a few years back. Or Fimo, not that I've got or know how to use that either. Today's post makes me wish I knew how to crochet.

And the Cute Birdie Bookmarks, which we've actually printed and cut out. And NaniBirds. We can do stuff like that now that (after more than a month of doing without) we've got a new printer. With full ink cartidges -- yippee!

Alex was looking over my shoulder when I stumbled across Mod Podge Rocks. She knew she liked Mod Podge. She didn't know what the potential was -- I think I should be scared.

I'm blown away by this papercutting blog and wondering if it could be combined with freezer paper stencilling.

And I've got a new baby quilt started, but just barely. It should go together quickly, if life cooperates.

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