Monday, August 03, 2009

The thermometer did win for a while, but it's supposed to drop back down into the mid-eighties this week. That's warm enough to take the kids down to play at the river, but not so hot it'll melt my brain -- works for me!

I did get some more quilting done once the temperature dropped into the nineties. Not the productive binges of creativity that I wanted to be doing, but enough to keep me from whining about how quilt-deprived I've been.

It's been five weeks since I made the list. Except for one project that wasn't on the list but should have been, I haven't started anything new.

And the list has dropped from twenty-six projects down to twenty! The Weed Whacker, the Cat Baby Quilt, Birds in the Air, the cat bed, Dot to Dot, and the tea pot quilt are done.

  • Bento Box -- top is done
  • Simple Pleasures -- top is done
  • Lover's Knot -- 250 blocks left to piece if I make it the size the pattern calls for. I don't want or need a quilt that big, so I'm thinking it'll only take another hundred or so blocks
  • Courthouse Steps -- I've been cutting strips, but not started piecing
  • Chicken Kit -- cut all of the wool pieces and got the cotton background pieced
  • Bagsket -- need to find the thing!
  • Dino Quilt -- is pin-basted and ready to quilt
  • rail fence -- one side of the binding left to stitch down
  • layered squares -- the border is on, need to quilt
  • red quilt -- finish last six blocks and assemble
  • scrappy cats -- more blocks to piece
  • lattice strippy -- top is done
  • flower baskets -- lots of applique, which I have no intention of doing anytime soon (why is this one even on the list?!)
  • A's Scrappy Mountains Majesty -- sew down binding
  • my own Scrappy Mountains Majesty -- quilt
  • Leif's Snails -- quilt
  • Cheery Buzzsaws -- blocks are pieced, need to assemble and start on pieced binding
  • Glittering Gems -- quilt
  • Blue Bargello -- Quilt
  • North Pacific

    With all of the recent craziness, I'm surprised at how many of the projects I've managed to finish and how many more are looking finishable. The list was definitely a good idea. I'm ready to start a few new projects, but after six finishes, I'm going to need some new WIPs.

    This is the one that wasn't on the list but should have been. I bought fabric for it at the beginning of July (actually I turned Alex loose in Joann's and had her pick it out) and it's been sitting next ot my sewing machine ever since because even though I used to sew a lot of clothing, I was intimidated. Not to0 intimidated to buy fabric and commit myself, just too nervous about making a mistake to actually cut into it.

    I followed the Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial, which was easier than I expected. I'm not sure I did the pleats at the top the way I was supposed to, but it worked.
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    Alison said...

    I bet she had a great time watching it come to be for her!


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