Friday, August 21, 2009

The red quilt is done! For an "accidental" quilt, this one came out great.

Does anyone else have quilts just happen like this? I saw the pattern in a magazine at Mom's house, thought of all of the red scraps I'd been passing over when I was picking fabric for other quilts, and realized that I could probably make it. My mental line between could and should is a very thin one. So the pattern came home with me and, after a few of months of doing nothing about it, I started pulling fabric.

By the time I started running into concerns, I was committed. And by the time I tried to assemble the top and found out I was six blocks short, I had too much time and effort into the project to even think about turning back. Even though I thought I wanted to.

I had some doubts about the pieced back, but now that the quilt is trimmed and bound, I really like the way it looks. I may start piecing backs on purpose, even if I'm buying the fabric.

I sat down tonight and updated the list, which has gone from 26 WIPs down to 12. With only two and a half weeks left of the ten I'd planned to stick to, I'm thinking it may be nearly as short as it's going to get. I could possibly cut it down to nine, but I'm really itching to start some new projects.

  • Bento Box -- top is done

  • Simple Pleasures -- top is done and ready for the longarm

  • Lover's Knot -- no new progress, still need to cut and piece a ton of blocks

  • Courthouse Steps -- 5 out of 35 blocks pieced

  • Chicken Kit -- no new progress

  • layered squares -- still need to pin and quilt

  • scrappy cats -- more blocks to piece

  • flower baskets -- no new progress, but I've got ideas to simplify it

  • my own Scrappy Mountains Majesty -- need to finish quilting

  • Cheery Buzzsaws -- need to get the binding on

  • Glittering Gems -- need to prep for the longarm and quilt

  • North Pacific -- no progress

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barncow said...

I love this red quilt. I made one like it only in pink. I'm thinking of doing a red one now that I have seen yours. Great job on your finishes so far. I wish I could get myself going on my wip's


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