Saturday, November 04, 2006

Now I understand why I didn't buy that issue of Knitscene when I had it in my hands a couple of months ago. The few projects I can actually see myself knitting are very well hidden. I'm not sure if I even noticed the Central Park Hoodie while I was flipping through the pages and trying to quickly decide if it was worth spending eight bucks on while watching the four kids to make sure no one touched anything but the toys in the corner.

It doesn't matter, because I've got it now and I really do love that cardigan enough to have spent eight dollars on a pattern for it. I've just got to ignore the other 20some patterns I don't like. Because for some dumb reason a magazine doesn't seem worth buying for only one good pattern, even if I'd spend the same money on an individual pattern for the same thing.

Now I've got to decide on yarn. I'm just about positive that I want Wool-Ease, but not sure about the color. I think I know the answer, but I've only seen Paprika on my computer screen and it would kill me if I bought enough skeins for a whole sweater and then hated it when it got here. I buy yarn blindly online all the time and have never been really disappointed, but this sweater is special. I lost five pounds for it!

The local stores don't have the new Wool-Ease colors, and don't seem likely to get them, so I guess I'm going to have to order a single skein and make sure I love it. Or order then 10 skeins I need and cross my fingers. It's kind of a fun dilemma to have. I'm not at all worried about whether or not I should buy the yarn for this project because I worked so hard to earn it.

This is by far my most successful attempt at a yarn diet. I haven't decided what to splurge on after the next five pounds. Hopefully I'll be halfway there before I figure out what I really want.


Cleo is all knitted up and ready to felt. I'll get to that tomorrow.


2bzy2knit said...

I loved that Central Park Hoodie too. But, I already have tons of hoodie patterns. I don't really need another one....not that is a bit different.... :) - Andrea,

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

I totally get not spending the money on a magazine when you would spend as much on a single pattern. I think it's because when you buy a magazine, you do buy the whole thing, so it seems wasteful to get it and only use one tiny part of it. Anyway, I use my JoAnn's coupons for those magazines, and I feel a little better about it.


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