Saturday, November 04, 2006

After I got Cleo sewn together last night, I stayed up until 2am working on a lace sock I'd frogged because it was too big. The only reason I went to bed then was because I knew the baby would be up early. He got up at 3am, before I managed to fall asleep, so I could've knit more repeats without losing any sleep at all. This morning, I dug my neglected Honeymoon Cami out of my knitting bag and worked on the bust shaping while I watched the babies play. And now I'm counting the hours until I can send the littlest ones off to bed and work on something more complex.


Cleo is felted and I can't decide how I feel about her. The size and shape are perfect, but the cables blurred away into nothingness. They show up a lot better on the scanner than in front of my face -- how's that work? I'd planned to give it to my mother for Christmas with some quilting notions tucked inside, but it doesn't seem exciting enough. I may give it to her "just because" and work on something else.

Oh, and after seeing this melted bead interpretation of Starry Night I've decided that the stash diet also applies to plastic pony beads!


Pat said...

The Cleo Clutch is beautiful! You never know how things will turn out with felting! (This is so cool...I saw your clutch on the Fall Cable KAL today and went to your blog to peek and when I checked my had just been to my blog (Thanks for the nice compliments!)I like the Cozy in Cables and Central Park Hoodie too...can't wait to see what you make next.

Stephanie... said...

I had the same problem with the Cleo clutch--thought it might have been the yarn I used (a trusted feltable yarn but different than that used in the pattern). OH well, I'm thinking of turning it into coasters...


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