Friday, May 05, 2006

It's been a productive two days!

I finally finished the pineapple hat, which felt like a lot more work than a baby hat should be. Those 200+ purl 3 togethers just about did me in. But the color and texture are great. I'd make the leaves shorter if I did it again, which I don't really want to, but Alex would wear one and I've got enough yellow yarn left over. Wonder how many purl 3 togethers there'd be if I sized it up for a 9 year old...

I put the new baby swing together last night, which ate up most of my knitting time and was an even worse pain than the pineapple. But is totally worth it because the little baby boy who must be held by mommy at all times LIKES it!!!! I got rid of the old swing when we were moving so I could justify buying one of the nice new ones they've got now, then somehow forgot that there was such a thing. I am SO excited about this swing and the possibility that I'll have enough time to pee or make lunch without him crying.

And, as of about 12:45am, Chaos is done and came out a lot better than I thought it would. I cast on earlier this year, when I was finally out of the hospital and could get my hands on the color yarn I wanted and some dice. The random cables kept me entertained and happy until I realized that the front and back weren't the length they needed to make the button band at the shoulder. (A row gauge problem?) I'm not a fan of buttons on baby sweaters anyway, and I was so sure I couldn't make it work that I shoved it into a drawer and have been ignoring it ever since. Tonight, I undid the neck shaping, knit four more rows of the cable pattern, and turned it into a sort of boatneck thing. Maybe not the best choice for a baby who can squirm out of his cute little sleepers like Houdini, but an impractical sweater's more useful than an unfinished one.

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Bianca said...

Adorable little one! I am glad that he likes the swing. The yellow cap looks cool!


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