Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We are moving! For quite a while, we've been talking about it and driving down to look at places in the area we want to move to. Most are way out of our price range. The ones that are in our price range are in worse shape than the place we live in now. The one house that was in our price range and didn't need any work and was absolutely perfect on paper just didn't do a thing for me. It had new white carpet in every room and I have three small children and that's not a combination I'd want to live with.

A couple of weeks ago, someone dh works with saw a For Sale By Owner sign and copied down the address. We drove down, called the people from their driveway and fell in love with the house. Four acres. A pond. A stream. A barn. Enough room for more kids than I can possibly give birth to. A fireplace. The kind of porch with the half-walled sides that I was vaguely hoping for. A little sunroom that divides the front door from the living room. Two bathrooms. A SEWING ROOM! A finished, insulated room that's over the garage and totally unsuitable for anything else. Darling Husband gets the barn and garage and the little mystery building behind the garage, and I get the sewing room. He called it that first, which makes it MINE. And if he somehow manages to swindle me out of my room, there's a little room in the attic that I'd have absolutely loved if there wasn't a real room available.

If we're going to be paying two mortgages until this house sells, I'm going to have to stop buying new stash and play with what I've got for a while. So last night, I dug through my fabric stash and made this:

I do realize that it's probably one of the ugliest quilts ever. But I had fun and if it falls out of the carseat and gets lost in a parking lot somewhere, I won't spend much time mourning it.

I've also finished the first Not Like Costco Sock and the heel is just as nice as the one I had to rip out.

I forgot to mention that the sellers accepted our offer. Subject to a pest and dryrot inspection and financing, that house and barn and stream and trees and sewing room are ours!

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