Monday, January 31, 2005

Sweater Hunting

Yesterday, the kids and I went hunting for sweaters to rip apart into yarn. Value Village was too expensive (no surprise there!), but we did have good luck digging through the bins at the GoodWill Outlet, where I found the two sweaters on the left -- the two on the right have been hiding in a closet with the purple sweater I tore apart earlier this week. The brown one on the left is a soft wool/angora blend. The purple one is 100% wool, which I hope will felt into a bag, maybe striped with the grey wool next to it. And the lavender one is a lightweight wool/angora blend that wants to be a shawl someday.

Here's Besotted:

I'm using the seaming pin as a cable needle, which works well. It's less awkward than a DPN, and not expensive if I lose it.

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