Sunday, January 23, 2005

Still Not Much Knitting

Quinn's blue sweater will be done as soon as I sew the last sleeve into place, but that's still about the only knitting I've managed to get done this month. I really do want to soon as I feel better....or the kids all take a nap...or the stars line up properly...or whatever it finally takes to get me sitting on the couch with needles and yarn.

I keep getting ambushed by new projects:

I found the new issue of Knit It! last week while I was wandering the grocery store to kill time during Alex's karate class. She stays after to spar, and to do chin ups now that they've got the bar back up, and class gets longer and longer every week. There are about seven patterns that appeal to me, but they're all overshadowed by the Aran Poncho, which has a huge intricately twining cable. The pattern calls for 11 skeins of Cool Wool, which is more than I want to spend, but Chunky USA is the same gauge and was on sale for 99 cents a skein. Less expensive, washes well, and will mean a lot less ends to weave in. I'm suddenly convinced I need a poncho for nursing in public.

Then someone on one of the knitting lists mentionedthis, which has got to be the cutest baby boy hat and booties I've ever seen. And Craft Warehouse had the Berroco Suede on clearance for $5.50 a skein. As soon as I find something to substitute for the Plush, I can get started.

There's the Besotted scarf, the Snowdrift Aran, the Bed & Breakfast Pullover, two sweaters from Baby Knits for Beginners, Amazing Twining Lace from a back issue of Knitters, the Diamonds in the Rough and Waffle socks...

And then are the things I want to buy yarn for. Top of that list is this -- which has got to be the most incredible felted bag I've ever seen. I don't want the yarn the pattern calls for, because I'd never in a million years spend that much on one project, let alone something I was going to throw in the washer and felt. But where there's a will, there's a way, and I've definitely got the will to find a decent substitute.

I want to tackle something from Folk Mittens and another sweater for Quinn.

There are more things on my dream list, lots more than I've got the energy to type out here. I've either got to start getting things done, or stop adding to the list. And there's no way I'm going to stop finding new projects, so I'd better grab those needles!

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